Green Code

Stannards Guest Lodge has a strong commitment to our environnement and community and our eco-friendly policy led us to:

  • Install solar powered geysers (8 Solar Geysers & 8 Panels) & heat pump
  • Use energy saving and LED light bulbs (98%)
  • Install wood burning fireplaces in the cottages & Guests Lounge
  • Use biodegradable detergents for all the cleaning purposes
  • Start waste recycling
  • Make organic compost with our green waste
  • Irrigate the garden with rain water only (10,000L)
  • Use the rain water to feed the toilet cisterns in the cottages (5000L)
  • Reduce the waste of bathroom amenities by refilling the bottles we use (shower gel, shampoo, body lotion, ...)
  • Raise awareness among our guests by putting up information notices in the bedrooms and among our staff
  • All our Staff are UIF Registered and we pay 100% of the fees
  • We sponsor all the "back to school" stationary for all our staff kids